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How We Raise Capital

Profile Investors- Showing our projects to potential investors means identifying individuals who are interested in the deal and the idea behind the project. The first place we begin is what deal can we offer the investor? No matter what the idea, if the deal isn't sufficiently attractive investors will say no.

Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors 

Though it is possible to interest Venture Capitalist and Angels it makes even more sense not to limit our options. The type of investor we should focus on will be driven by the deal and the idea behind the project. Every deal is unique and should be judged on its own specific merits.

Be realistic in our assessment 

It is very important that we properly identify what the likely prospective investor profile looks like and gear our presentations to that profile. We will review with you what your best investor profile looks like and explain why. This is a very important element of the strategy to raising capital.


 Sell Your Business

My advice in the sale of your business will translate into substantial benefits to you in both the total net proceeds you will receive from the sale but also protection from the after sale liability which , even if a cash sale, many business owners don’t realize carries a substantial risk....more information... ....About Mr. Shields....


Mergers / Acquisitions

The first recommendation I make as the simplest and quickest method to double and triple your sales and profits is through the tactical acquisition of another business. You don't need cash to do this. Of course, this is a very complex area because it crosses a number of disciplines such as taxes, liability, marketing, etc. The key consideration is the possibility to buy other companies to expand your revenue and profit base WITHOUT cash.

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