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Lance W Shields



Mr. Shields was the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Lashco Inc., a national securities brokerage firm and Member of every stock and options exchange in the United States. Mr. Shields has over 35 years of Wall Street experience.


New York Stock Exchange, Inc. (Allied Member 1983-1995)

American Stock Exchange, Inc.(Member: 1978-1995)

Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc.(Member:1980-1986)

Chicago Stock Exchange, Inc.(Member: 1983-1996)

Pacific Stock Exchange, Inc.(Member: 1985-1996)

Pacific Options Exchange, Inc. (Member: 1985-1996)

Philadelphia Stock & Options Exchange, Inc. (Member: 1985-1996)

Mr. Shields is the sole owner of Shields Capital Partners which he founded after his retirement from Wall Street. Mr. Shields focus is on assisting small to medium size companies that have potential.

Areas of Expertise

Raising Capital

Accounting Programs-Banking Relationships

Business Sales-Investment Banking

Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies-Marketing & Sales Strategies

Operations-Private Placements-Raising Capital

Risk Management-Strategic Planning-Trading 


Consultations are free

Contact: Mr. Shields / 239-300-9725  

Shields Capital Partners 

3606 Enterprise Avenue / Naples, FL  34104

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