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 Positioning the Business for Selling

When selling a business, you are selling an intangible forward stream of earnings. Selling a business is much more difficult than selling any other asset type where the buyer can inspect the asset directly and see what they're buying. Essentially, you are selling a forward stream of potential earnings. Your presentation of this information becomes the major factor in the purchaser’s decision of whether or not to purchase your business. If we are to get the best possible price our sales presentation must be geared to

1.          convincing the buyer(s) of the continuity of those potential future earnings.

2.         anticipating the information that needs to be presented.

3.         presenting it in a manner that is consistent and persuasive.

Try to appreciate that the specialize knowledge you use to make the normal day-day decisions you tend to take for granted. That knowlege is missing in the potential buyers. It is critical that you properly anticipate the information the prospect needs to see and understand because it significantly increases the chances of selling your business and getting the best price.

Certainly, the buyers will have questions about your business which inevitably would fall to you. We have a process that has you address with us all the questions the buyers might raise. In this manner, we will consistently present your business in the best possible light. In all preliminary discussions the buyers deal with us. We don’t identify you or involve you in the discussions until the discussions are serious. In this manner, you can keep your attention on running your business and also gives you future negotiating advantages.

Preparing your business to be sold

Before we speak to the first buyer we must prepare your business for presentation. Remember, there are a very limited number of real buyers. We don't want to lose the sale or lower the price because of issues that could have been repaired or rehabilitated earlier, weren't. One of the most important steps to take before buyer discussions is the properly packaging of the business. Our preference is to visit your business and spend 2 – 5 days with you to prepare the business. We define preparing the business as reviewing all aspects of your financials, contracts and operations. If there are issues, fix them first. We then create an extensive selling package that is geared to the potential purchaser. In this manner, all prospects are presented with the same information. All the information has been vetted by you, your accountant and attorney.


We will not be placing a “for sale” ad in the newspaper to find a buyer. For any given business there will be multiple buyers. We will create a marketing approach to identify them and proactively reach out to them. The idea is not to wait for them to stumble upon some small tombstone ad in the paper. Of course, we do this in a manner that will not disclose your identity until we reach a point in the discussions which indicate the buyers interest is serious. The additional benefit of our approach is that we attempt to get potential buyers to bid against each other creating the obvious benefit of multiple buyers. Each business requires a customized approach to profile, identify and reach out to prospective buyers.


The manner we use strictly keeps your employees unaware that either the business is for sale or you are engaged in discussions to sell the business.

Business Valuation

We review your financials and discuss your operations with you. The purpose of the evaluation is to price the business in a manner that can be justified to prospective purchasers. You can place any price you want on the business but too high a price and you won’t sell – Too low a price and you leave thousands of dollars on the table.

We will create multiple prices depending on whom and what type of buyer is interested. The price paid by a person who will work the business versus someone who will be only an investor versus someone who is a competitor are all different prices. Of course, we will first look for the buyer who's profile will pay the most money?

Structuring the Deal

Before the first conversation with any buyers we will discuss how to structure the sale with an understanding of tax implications. This alone could save you $20,000 per every $100,000 in sale profit. When negotiations begin, we already know where we need to be to minimize the tax implications. Don’t scoff at this since most business sellers get hammered after the sale by taxes and its much too late to fix it.

After Sale Liability

We put a number of safeguards in place so that after the sale something you said or did or didn’t do doesn’t come back to bite you in the “you know where”. These issues have the potential to undo the sale and cost you everything.There are any number of reasons that may cause your buyer to try to rescind the sale. At best, even if you are successful in defending against such claims it could easily cost $50,000-$100,000 in legal defense costs. At worse, you lose and you get your business back in shambles and you are still out the legal costs. There are many things you can do to protect yourself and avoid this from happening. In other words, stop it before it starts.

Our Job

The range of topics and issues we will cover and discuss with you are so varied and extensive it is impossible to list here. Our job begins by taking all the load off of your shoulders to allow you to run your business. It ends at the closing when you get paid for the sale. Each and every business brings with it unique issues that must be addressed to successfully sell the business. However, most important during the period that you are selling your business is that we become that resource you can always call to get answers and help for those many issues and problems that will arise during the sale process.

My fee is generally 5%/4%/3%/2%/1% of the sale price and is paid at closing.

(5% of 1st $1Million || 4% of 2nd Million || 3% of 3rd Million || 2% of 4th Million || 1% of each million thereafter)

Example: $5,000,000 sale. ($50,000+$40,000+$30,000+$20,000+$10,000= $150,000 fee

Are you sick or incapacitated? Is the owner deceased? Businesses where the owner is sick, incapacitated or deceased - we will operate and run the company while we prepare it for sale and sell it.

It is ok to call if you have questions?... We do not charge to talk to you so make a list of questions and call.

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