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Business Plan Review and Critique 

Your business plan must be added to the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) to fulfill your responsibility under Federal Securities Law. Remember, your obligation is to provide prospective investors with "All Material Information" about your project. Once the business plan is made part of the PPM, it takes on a new responsibility; you are now liable for errors, mistakes, misrepresentations and omissions.

The best time to engage us is before you begin the plan because we will suggest many options to you that are meant to help you put together the best document possible and in the easiest way possible. Whether you have us or a friend critique your plan, it is a good idea to have someone else that was not involved in its preparation review it and offer comments.

When we review a plan, it usually takes some 5 - 6 hours of our time. We first spend 3 - 4 hours reading and making notes on your plan. We then set up a conference call with you. You will be asked to be on a land line if possibly because the calls can typically take 11/2 - 2 hours; sometimes longer. During the call, we go through the document line by line and page by page so that you can make notes of all our comments. Remember, if you are serious about pursuing finding investors; your business plan is a reflection to the reader of who you are. A business plan that is not well written will always result in a default NO from the prospective investor.

About the Review:

The business plan critiques are handled by Mr. Shields, so you are getting the benefit of 35 years of Mr. Shields, Wall Street experience. You will also find that the subjects covered will range over many issues including your deal, where you expect to find investors, and many other matters. For more information about Mr. Shields - Click Here

Cost:  $850 

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