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Regulation D Rule 503

Regulation D Rule 503 discusses the timing of filing the Form D notification to the SEC. Form D is filed online at

If you are using exemption Rule 506(b). Form D must be filed within 15 days of receiving your first check.

If you are using exemption 506(c). Form D must be filed 15 days before you intend to begin advertising.

Form D may be filed by a company officer or the company's attorney.

Form D is filed online by going to You first apply for an Edgar number and on receiving the Edgar number you then file Form D electronically online.

We provide our clients with help telephone numbers that assist them in the filing process.

State Requirements: Many States require filing a copy of Form D with their appropriate departments. However; you should check with your state to confirm what are the state’s requirement. We provide a contact list of all state securities regulators as part of our service.

Form D is required to be filed one time only.

Form D fulfills your notification requirements. You do not need SEC approval to raise money under Regulation D Rule 506.

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